Nicolesy’s Last Photowalking Utah Hurrah

David Daniels and Nicole Young take the group shot for the photowalk.

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of joining the Photowalking Utah group to partake in the last Photowalking Utah event that Nicole Young would be leading before she moves to the wonderful rainy city of Seattle. We started off walking the same area where Nicole had led her first Salt Lake City (WorldWide Photowalk) photowalk, as a tribute to her all too short yet wonderful time in Salt Lake City. I wish Nicole well in her endeavours in Seattle, though I’m certain the Salt Lake City photography community will miss her great leadership, experience, and fun personality on events such as these. I also hope Nicole will come visit every now and again – and maybe even come back after she realizes what awesomeness she’s missing. šŸ˜‰

Here are a few shots from the photowalk. I also shot a pretty good amount of video, so expect to see another update on this photowalk soon.

Jeremy prior to realizing you need to remove the lenscap to take photos.

Rich Legg relaxing during the end of the photowalk.

David Daniel

Jeremy Hall photographs the sunset

WordCamp 2011

I’m going to be volunteering at WordCamp Salt Lake City 2011. If you’re a WordPress user or just interested in what WordPress can do for you and want to learn how to better use the platform, you should come. WordCamp Salt Lake City this year takes place September 10th at the Skaggs Biology building on the University of Utah campus. I’ll be volunteering at the Happiness Bar, the WordPress equivalent of Apple’s Genius Bar, so bring your questions by and I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope to see you there!

WordCamp SLC 2011

Big Cottonwood Canyon Drive

In a similar style to my last timelapse video, I rebuilt my driving rig and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon to enjoy a lovely afternoon in nature. I always enjoy driving the canyon, especially when I’m headed up to photograph some of the beautiful scenery at the top of the canyon near Silver Lake. The resulting video of the timelapse was shot both on the way up and the way down Big Cottonwood, firing one frame every 3 seconds in aperture priority as to deal with changing lighting going up and down the canyon.

Night Lights Timelapse

I set up my tripod with my D200 mounted between my front seats, locking the shutter for 5 second intervals shooting at f/13 and ISO 400. I drove around Salt Lake City, capturing the lights of cars, streetlights, and signs around the city. I plan on doing this again with some sort of fisheye lens to capture a wider angle at some point. I think I’ll probably need to build a more stable mount for the camera as well, seeing how the tripod made slight movements in the resulting video pretty obvious.

Update: Jeff McGrath has provided me with a great shot of the rig I was using for this setup.

View his blog post on this video.