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Subfolio and nginx

I recently migrated my website away from Apache to nginx for performance reasons. The majority of the sites hosted on my server run WordPress, which was easy enough to get working easily under nginx’s rewrites. The one application I couldn’t get running properly out of the box was Subfolio, an application I use for uploading […]

Apple/Google spat over iOS applications benefits nobody, hurts users

It’s been known for a while now that Apple has removed Google Maps from iOS 6, Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. This hurt users who frequently used the Maps application for public transit, as the new app is said to launch without the ability to route via public transit. News came […]

Why Foursquare dumping Google Maps is good for the web

For years, the dominant force in viewing, generating, and manipulating maps has been Google Maps – and for good reason. Google has spent a lot of time making sure their maps were up-to-date as well as integrating their maps into iOS, Android, and the web. Initially, the Google Maps API was free – allowing developers […]

How Twitter ruined a great iPhone app

Twitter’s iPhone app started with humble roots. Loren Brichter created Tweetie, a beautifully designed and elegant client for posting to Twitter. After reaching version 2, Tweetie was acquired by Twitter. Loren Brichter joined the team and continued to develop the app. Along the way, Twitter began to groom the app to fit with their vision. […]