Photo by Jeff McGrath

Hi, I’m Sawyer Pangborn.

You’re probably on this page because you’re curious about me and want to know more. Fear not, I won’t disappoint.

I’m a software developer, designer, and photographer based in the Salt Lake City, UT area. I graduated from the University of Utah in 2010 with a degree in Mass Communication with an Emphasis in New Media, as well as a Minor in Computer Science. Why the divergence of educational interests? Well, I find that searching out and creating solutions in code to be an extremely enjoyable venture, but I also love to create beautiful things. With these two seemingly conflicting interests in mind, I exist as a hybrid of the logical left brain as well as the artistic and creative right brain. When asked which I prefer between designing and programming, I can’t give a solid answer – I love them both too much to abandon one or the other.

As far as software development goes, I’ve groomed myself into a web developer with an open-source lean. That being said, I’m not diametrically opposed to closed-source technologies like those created by Microsoft. I find myself enjoying languages like Python, PHP, Ruby and Javascript, with jQuery being my library of choice for client-side web development.

Having gained a great deal of appreciation for photography and capturing the moments I experience in the world around me, I’ve gained appreciation of some very fine camera equipment. I mainly rely on Nikon cameras, augmenting them with fixed focal length lenses. I love my primes, but will occasionally stray from them with a good fast telephoto lens. I mainly upload my photography to my profile on 500px.

I also love music, having played music from age 12 until now. I play electric and acoustic guitar.

The outdoors are absolutely enthralling to me. I love spending time in Salt Lake City’s beautiful mountains and canyons, as well as the beautiful red rocks of Utah’s Moab area. I enjoy mountain and road biking through these beautiful areas, as well as snowboarding in the amazing Wasatch ski resorts. I love soccer and supporting my team, Real Salt Lake.